13th Lord of Waterdeep

Session 10

From the personal journal of Nithas Wartanran – City Guard

I pray to Torm and ask forgiveness for the harm that came to my charge. The wise Lords of Waterdeep gave him his life in exchange for his testimony and exile. It was my duty to see him safely to Neverwinter, but in truth I only partially completed my task.

The road to Waterdeep is well patrolled. Unfortunately, our attackers were clever. They used a magic portal to ambush us when we were just out of sight of the city. The mages were not able to stand against my friends, but they were able to steal away with Aldis back into the portal from whence they came. Thankfully our quick thinking Wizard was able to hold the portal open so that we could step through in chase.

We ended up between dimensions in an area these wizards conjured for their own purposes. Aldis, it seemed, had been here for a week in the short time it took us to step through the portal. Xander, dressed in the robes of the mages, found Aldis for us. The mages already removed his hands and were about to execute him when we passed Torm’s judgement upon them for their unlawful acts.

Once again, Xander saved us by convincing the frog-like homunculus to open a portal for us near Neverwinter. We brought him to local authorities so they may find a place for him, after bringing him to a doctor to make sure his injuries would heal properly.

I know this man is a sinner, but he is attempting redemption and for that I honor him.


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