13th Lord of Waterdeep

Session 8


From the personal journal of Nithas Wartanran – City Guard

Today a guilty man is punished, but not for all his sins – those will be judged by Torm. Yesterday my stomach knotted as the weight of proving this man’s guilt was weighing upon my shoulders. Quars Telion, indeed a man of stature and title, but also a vessle of corruption. This is not his tale though, it is the tale of a young mage by the name of Keira Benhoff.

I first met Ms Benhoff about three weeks ago. Frightened and alone, she was hiding for her life after the discovery of a simple candle with a devious secret – this candle was made from a person! The investigation itself was strewn with peril. A burning house, armed thugs, even the undead rose to hide the truth from light. I dare say I would not have survived these trials if not for my friends who bravely fought by my side.

Being a court case of such high calibur, and certain that Quars was able to grease the palm of the most capable of lawyers, my team and I each put in together a large sum of gold to hire our own lawyer. His help was invaluable as he articulated out cause without the bias of having suffered for evidence. Through our whitness accounts we established Quars ruled the Lamplighter’s Guild with deciet and a disregard for the law. We showed proof of his pact with a demon and his dealings with a necromancer. Most importantly, we established Quars knew some of his candles were made from the corpses of people, and that he tried in vain to cover this secret.

Sadly, we were not able to prove his involvement with the murdering of the people used for the candles, or the murder of the family sheltering young Ms Benhoff. If Torm would judge me for this failure, I only hope the deeds of ending this evil outweight the evil caused. I pray to my mother for comfort on this dreary night, knowing the only consolidation my soul can accept is the eventual erradication of this evil blight from my city.

Tomorrow I think I shall bring Ms Benhoff some flowers.


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